Illuminare (tm) Wall and Trim Paint

Introducing Envirolast Illuminare (tm) Wall and Trim Paint

The Coatings Gurus at Envirolast are fast at work on our all new Interior/Exterior Illuminare (tm) Wall and Trim Paint. We are very excited! For years we have been dreaming up a water borne oil wall paint. We want something very unique and special, different than the other guys offered. 
How about we start with state of the art water based soy alkyd made in France. Then we add a dash of linseed alkyd to give it amazing workability and a slightly warmer look. We then use 100% titanium dioxide as our filler. Tiox is pricey. As a comodity it can go way up, hence major paint companies almost always use no more than 50% of their filler. The other fillers are various calcium and silica minerals, much, much cheaper than titanium dioxide.
With our pure alkyd base, pure tiox nano sized filler and our deep researched and tested additives for ease of application, ease of coloration and durability, we simple aim to make the very finest paint on earth!