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Envirolast XT2 Wood Stain and Seal

                        Over its lifetime, your deck, siding and expensive wood furniture will be exposed to many damaging factors that cause deterioration and shortened wood life. Ultraviolet light, weather, dirt, chemical spills, scratches and foot traffic can all affect your deck or log cabin by:
Changing its color to grey or washed out looking
Increasing its sensitivity to mildew, fungi, insects, etc.
Increasing its water sensitivity
Causing cracking or peeling, increasing dirt pick-up.
                   After months of outdoor exposure without protection, the wood will fade and begin to lose its original color and over time, can show cracking and insect or fungal damage. To avoid this type of damage and prevent the need for costly and complicated renovations involving sanding and stripping, regular maintenance of the wood is necessary. Commonly used sealers are solvent based, with high VOC which harms the environment, as well as solvents for additional clean up. Why not skip the solvents altogether, and go for a green product?
Compare Envirolast XT2 to a common solvent based wood sealer:
          Solvent based sealers contain VOC that contributes to CO2 emissions, as well as odors and fumes that can be harmful. Conventional sealer penetrates the wood, but it does not seal it with a protective film and often fails when used in direct sunlight and weather prone areas. Solvent based sealers are cheap and easy to use, but don’t offer much in the way of long term wood protection, wood enhancement or UV durability. In fact, many common solvent based sealers need to be stripped, sanded and reapplied every year in order to maintain the condition of the wood. Envirolast XT2 can be applied directly over most common sealers, and once applied, requires little to no sanding or stripping to maintain. This saves time and money year after year!
          Envirolast XT2 wood stain and sealer has a practical balance between drying time and open time (the time the paint remains workable on the surface). It dries remarkably quickly, but still leaves enough time for quick and easy application without overlap marks. Envirolast XT2 has almost no residual tackiness and better water resistance than many other sealers, eight hours after applying the second coat! Envirolast XT2 outperforms competitors because it undergoes erosion rather than cracking and peeling, which means easy maintenance. Envirolast XT2 is so good, it can cut the need for repainting by about two times, saving time and money. Low VOC and quick applications mean less down time for clients and customers, making Envirolast XT2 the best choice for your next wood project!


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water based oil/acrylic/urethane
soap/water cleanup
zero VOC
zero air pollutants
zero carcinogen
no known carcinogen or toxics
"core shell" technology
fast water resistance, low temp okay, quick re-coat
transparent oxide colorants
beautiful grain highlights, great UV durability
nano sized particle
great penetration, use as wiping stain for any project
storage stable
stores for years, freeze/ thaw stable, stir and go
very mild odor
replace deck chair and BBQ next day

Natural cedar  


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Tarnished gold  

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Rustica Brown 


Envirolast XT2 Products Deck Sealer, Log Varnish and Wood Stain & Seal SDS 06-10-2016.pdf

Envirolast XT2 Concentrate SDS 06-10-2016.pdf